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Bigger Business Smaller World! Worldwide Brand " Nalite" is Here!

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The world is smaller and the business is larger.

Nalite led grow light

Nalite participated in the National Core Business Forum "SKA" Annual Meeting organized by Alibaba group in 5th November 2021.

In the second year of becoming the core head merchant of the alibaba SKA. We will grow together with alibaba, and achieve the goal of going global.

Nalite is a high-tech company with integrating intelligent control, product R&D and manufacturing. Which has more than 10 years of industry experience. We are obsessed with products, and more obsessed with customer experience.
Nalite's strong R&D team has rich experienced in solving customers' actual problems. We helps customers establish high-quality smart LED grow light planting solutions.

Grow with natrual light, every naliter is a light chaser.

Nalite + alibaba. Starting from here, has become a well-known brand of LED grow lights in the world.

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