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Knob Dimmer+RJ14 640W

1. 400W 5 bars, 640W 8 bars, 800W 10 bars are available.

2. Using Samsung LED chip LM561C S6/ LM301B/ LM301H.

3. Full spectrum: 3500k+660 nm, for plants full cycle growth.

4. No fan design, no noise, aluminium heat sink.

5. 5x5 ft veg stage cover, 4x4 ft flowering stage.

6. 800W light reaches 1545 umol/s/m2 @6 inch, 

      640W light reaches 1253 umol/s/m2 @6 inch.

7. Suggestion height from canopy: 6 inch.

8. High yield: 1.6 - 2.3 g/w.

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1. Nalite PL series is a full cycle top light for the the commercial horticulture cultivation, we use 3500k+660nm full spectrum. 

2. 15% blue light is enough for the plants veg stage, and 660nm make plants achieve maximum efficiency in photosynthesis, it is perfect use for the plant full cycle growing. 

3. We recommend PL series deployed in environments with CO2 supplementation between 800-1400 ppm in reproductive growth stage due to high PPFD level. PL series can be used in the vertical farm, farm, home grow, and indoor grow, grow tent. It is your best choice for your grow light.

Item No.

PL134  (8 strips)

Light Sourse :

Samsung lm561c s6/lm301b/lm301h

Spectrum :

Full Spectrum


1472/1792/1984 umol/s

PPF Efficacy :

2.3/2.8/3.1 umol/J

Input Power :


Input Valtage :


Fixture Dimensions :

47x42x4.5 inch (1200x1071x113.6mm)

Mounting Height :

6-12 inch

Light Distributions :


Lifespan :


Knob Dimmer RJ 640W

Knob Dimmer RJ 640W

Knob Dimmer RJ 640W

Dimming 640W

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