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Samsung Best Coorperation Partner Award

May. 26, 2020

We Nalite were so glad to share with you about our company latest news! Last week, the leadership team of Samsung semi-conductor in the Asia Pacific region which led by Mr. Freeman Fung visited our factory and awarded us the honorary title of the best partner. Nalite only using 100% genuine Samsung chips and produces 100% quality ensured products. We deepen cooperation and are expected to jointly promote the future development of LED horticulture lighting in the future.


While holding meetings to discuss further cooperation with Samsung, we also had done work reports and made future plans.


Looking back over the past two years, natural light and samsung products have complemented each other to their greatest advantages.


Why can we Nalite develop so fast in such a short time that we can stand in the leading position of the LED grow light industry?


At the same time, We Nalite also made relevant reports and cooperation work for Samsung (soft support) :


We hope that while maintaining the quality of Samsung products, based on our latest product tests, we will test the latest products for Samsung-semiconductor in the future.


As for the function of the certificates, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products purchased from other suppliers, but we 100% guarantee that the products purchased from us must be qualified, legal and genuine.


There are too many fake led chips on the market, or they are shoddy. We asked Samsung to step up market screening to protect the rights and interests of our customers.



Samsung visited our quality control system and fully recognized the quality of Nalite products. They say the quality of Nalite products is world-class literally better than others and could become a model for the industry.This gives customers the greatest assurance and reliability of their choice of Nalite.

Samsung Best Coorperation Partner Award

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